Security Robots that Sense the Surrounding Environment To Reduce Crime
Hide Harashima , Editor | Oct 29, 2015
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A human-sized robot, called K5, created by Knightscope is said to be close to being deployed. K5 is an automomous robot that predicts and prevets crime in your community. Their mission is to cut crime by 50%. If their mission is achieved, they will have a positive economic impact of $500Billion on the US each year. According to Knightscope, crime has a $1+ trillion negative economic impact on the US each year and it will only worsen with the continued increases in population, strains on municipal budgets and volatility around the world.

While K5 isn't quite Robocop, it has multiple sensor capabilities (minus the weapons), including optical character recognition, omnidirectional imaging, thermal imaging, microphones, air quality, ultrasonic, infrared, radar, and lidar. That's quite a range of capabilities for the 5 foot tall, 300 pound robot. These sensors, along with geofenced social feeds and existing data, create a large data set that is used for predictive analytics to identify potential risk factors.

The K5 robots can provide building and neighborhood security, monitor high risk areas (for crime or environmental changes such as fires and gas leaks), or even assist people where needed.

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